Welcome to Adolf Matonoha

We make scale reproduction WW1 aircraft, components and accessories. 

Each piece we make is exhaustively researched, planned and then built by hand in our workshop. 

We strive for total authenticity and accuracy. 

We do not laser print or 3d print parts… as closely as possible, we try to produce our pieces as they were originally produced by the master engineers, crafters and scientists one century ago.

The Aviatik Berg DI

Hand Built 1:4 Scale Model

Our 1:4 scale reproduction
Aviatik Berg DI is hand built
using the original plans.

It is a meticulous, detailed and faithful,
museum quality model.

In twenty years of doing business, I’ve never seen better quality. Amazing.

Arizona Models

Alfred is a mad genius and the Berg and the guns are true works of art.

Head of Purchasing, Indonesia Export

The Schwarzlose Gun 1:4 Scale Replica

Schwarzlose machine gun ready assembled with tripod mount (infantry)… 

The Hotchkiss Gun 1:4 Scale Replica

Hotchkiss machine gun with tripod mount ready assembled…


Hand Built 1:4 Scale Components
Our 1:4 scale reproduction throttles,
gauges and more.

Each one painstakingly recreated from original
plans and photographs.

Hand made.


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