The BERG DI from tail to nose – numbers refer to image filenames.

  1. The tail with authentic, handpainted camouflage, serials and handformed metal brackets.
  2. Service hatch, handformed aluminium.
  3. Imported, aircraft grade plywood coachwork – hand formed. Large Serial. Step for pilot.
  4. Schwarzlose Guns – custom casting, handfinished, authentic green paintjob. Cabin with authentic instrumentation. All handmade including magneto and instrumentation.
  5. Aluminium caul, handformed, handmade leather straps, hand cast fittings.
  6. ID and production details. Fuel cap and contact.
  7. Handformed twin bracket for adjusting tensions.
  8. Wing details with bracket for additional tension mount (not used).
  9. Burns and slightly distorted paint finish from exhaust.
  10. Handmade exhaust tarnished finish.
  11. This side of the tail is dirtier because the exhaust is on this side.
  12. Authentic suspension.
  13. Radiator – all handmade, handformed.
  14. The Berg DI at rest in the workshop.
  15. Anemometer

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